Decide What Type of Fencing Material You Need

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For the strength and rigidity to withstand weather, climbing children and abuse from vehicles and power equipment, most ornamental fence is made from welded or assembled steel. While steel is the most widely used material for ornamental fence, homeowners and commercial property owners are finding aluminum fencing is an increasingly attractive option. While not as rigid as steel, aluminum ornamental fencing offers superior corrosion resistance and low maintenance.

The three primary types of ornamental fencing are:
Welded Steel: black (non-galvanized) steel components are welded together to form a section.
This section is then primed and painted. During installation the sections are welded to the posts at the jobsite, and these welds are then touched up with primer and paint. Welded systems can begin to show rust within a year depending on climate and must be wire brushed and re-painted periodically. If you are considering welded steel panels, I recommend that you insist on a polyester powder coated finish over galvanized steel. I would also review their installation methodology to ensure that jobsite welding is kept to a minimum. Since small weld shops produce much of this type of product, it would also be wise to review the warranty and reputation of the manufacturer for a welded system.

Assembled Component Systems: most of the major producers make assembled component systems.

Galvanized steel components (using a minimum G-60 zinc coating) are machine punched, then given a polyester powder-coat finish. After coating, the components are assembled into sections using drive rivets or retaining rods. Assembled sections are attached to posts using brackets so the coating isn't compromised. This minimizes potential red rust problems. Some manufacturers assemble the panel before they apply the polyester powder coat finish, which is not my first choice. I feel that coating the parts prior to assembly ensures a more thorough coating and better rust protection by coating all of the edges and surfaces that otherwise are hidden once the panel is assembled.

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