Different perforated metal sheets

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Different perforated metal sheets

Material:Low carbon steel perforated metal sheets,stainless steel perforated metal sheets,Al perforated metal sheets
Holes patterns:round hole is most popular in all of patterns.Also have square hole, rectangle hole,hexagonal hole and other patterns hole.
The length of perforated metal sheets: 50cm-300cm
The width of perforated metal sheets: 20cm-125cm
The thickness of perforated metal sheets:0.8mm,1.2mm,1.6mm,1.8mm,1.9mm etc
The hole diameter:0.5-10mm
The pitch:is point to the distance between one hole center to another center.
The holes’ arrange angle :60 degree and 90 degree
Whether any situation,the thickness should less than hole diameter.
The Application:

1.The set of  multi-layer sand control filter has efficient performance of sand control, and also better able to stop the formation sand, meet the needs of the downhole sand control.
2.The perforated metal sheets has uniform filter hole, high permeability and prevent performance.
3.As filter,the perforated metal sheets has big filter area, small flow resistance, high yield efficiency
4.Excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, salt corrosion of stainless steel, can adapt to the special requirements of the well, cracks will not grow bigger by corrosion.

Round Hole Perforated Metal Sheet


Square Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Hexagonal Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

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