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Gabion is an ecological grid structure, Gabion by the high corrosion-resistant, high strength, ductile low-carbon steel wire or PVC coated above the use of mechanical weaved steel wire made using the network made of boxes Type structure is a stone cage. According to ASTM and EN standards, the diameter of the low carbon steel wire used varies according to the engineering design requirements. Generally between 2.0-4.0mm, the tensile strength of the wire is not less than 38kg / m2, the weight of the metal coating is generally higher than 245g / m2. The diameter of the edge line of the gabion mesh is generally larger than the diameter of the mesh wire. The length of the double stranded part shall not be less than 50mm, so as to ensure the metal plating and PVC coating of the stranded wire are not damaged.

Gabion characteristics:

(1) economy, just put the stone into the cage can be sealed.
(2) Construction is simple, without special skills.
(3) Strong ability to resist the effects of natural damage, corrosion and weather.
(4) can withstand a wide range of deformation, but still not collapse.
(5) The silt between the crevices of the cage stone is good for plant production and can be fused with the surrounding natural environment.
(6) Has good permeability to prevent damage caused by hydrostatic forces. Conducive to the stability of the slopes and shore beaches.
(7) Save on shipping costs. It can be folded up for transport and assembled on the jobsite.
(8) good flexibility: no structural joints, the overall structure of malleability.
(9) Corrosion resistance: galvanized materials are not afraid of sea water. wKhQc1RzfE2EWEkYAAAAAChgIqY654.jpg f26f7006c014d2787457a9ba41891180.jpg wKhQc1SU-UaEb1BwAAAAALUUjcE083.jpg

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