Galvanized Iron Wire

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Characteristics & Applications:

High zinc coating with super in corrosion resistance,firmed and well-proportioned zinc coating,slippery surface,uses in the weaving of wire mesh and reprocess,widely used in industry,agriculture and stockbreeding.


  1. Plastic inside and woven outside.

  2. Plastic inside and hessian outside.

  3. Small coil in carton then pallet.

  4. Special packages are available upon request.

Technical Assortment:

  1. Electro Galvanized Iron Wire,zinc coating:10-12g/m².

  2. Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire,zinc coating:50-370g/m².

  3. The standard wire gauge from BWG8-BWG33.

  4. Tensile Strength is 45-55kg/mm².

  5. Firmed coating layer.

  6. The single roll wire without any inter-cuts or breaks.

  7. Customers's size is available.

  8. Coils in 0.1-800kgs are available.


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