More about Tianyue PVC Coated Wire

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PVC Coated Wire Characteristics:
1) PVC is the most popular plastic for coating wires as it is relatively low in cost,
resilient, fire retardant and possesses good insulating properties.
2) Corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, good luster, smooth coating, high flexibility, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

PVC Coated Wire Color:
Common colors available for PVC coated wire are green and black. Other variety of colors like blue, yellow, orange,gray, red also are available at customers requirements

PVC Coated Wire application:
The most popular use for PVC coated wire is extensively used for daily life making in chain link fences for industrial security fences, animal cultivation, stadium, freeways and tennis courts. It is also used in other applications such as coat hangers and handles

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