The G20 summit should focus on wire mesh trade new normal

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The G20 summit should focus on wire mesh trade new normal
Promoting the global trade growth is one of the important issues of the G20 summit this year, however, as the global trade growth slowed markedly since 2012, the wire mesh international business workers and people from all walks of life began to debate on global trade situation judgment. Trade growth in recent years, short-term changes are cyclical, or normality, long-term structural evolution?
Not only wire mesh industry,global trade structure is undergoing profound changes, the first is trade changed the core countries.Before 2012, the United States has been the world's largest trading nation of goods.In 2000 the United States in the global trade in wire mesh goods accounted for 15.48%, than the 7.96% of Germany's second largest trading nation and 6.51% more than the sum of Japan's third largest trading nation;The United States has been is the world's most populous country or region's largest trading partner, in 2000 there were 47 as the largest trading partner in the United States.The United States in the core countries of the world trade status is obvious! Also in wire mesh international business.But, in 2013, the position of the first largest trading nation in the United States is replaced with China in 2015, the world's three largest trading nation in turn into China, the United States, Germany, in the global trade accounted for 11.9%, 11.5% and 7.2% respectively(also include wire mesh goods), the three countries are each became 24, 21, 21 countries's largest trading partner."The core" of global trade structure has been old China, the United States, Germany, new structure of the three pillars of replaced.

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