Window Screen

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Window screen 

Material: glass fiber, PVC, stainless steel, Aluminum wire, Aluminum alloy wire etc.

Weave and process: plain weave, first glass fiber monofilament four times pvc coated and then plain weave, at last, heatsetting to make the screen don't deformation.

Window screen mesh: 12*12, 14*14, 16*16, 16*18, 14*16, 20*18 etc.

Weight: 85gr/m2-135g/m2

Width: 0.6-3m, Length: 30m, 50m

Window screen characteristic:
1. long service life,
2. excellent weather resistance, anti aging
3. anti cold, anti-heat, anti-dry and moisture-resistant, flame retardant.
4. anti static, light is good, not channeling wire, deformation UV, tensile strength, long life.
5. beautiful shape, well structured.


High-grade office building, residential and various building, livestock farms, orchards, Etc. The best protection products.

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