galvanized wire detailed information

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galvanized wire detailed information

Galvanized wire detailed information

Galvanized wire include electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire.
Also can called zin coating wire,galvanized soft wire,galvanized binding wire etc.

The wire diameter of metal wire products is from BWG23-BWG8.Of course,this is only a scope.Every client can choose the diameter as request.On the other hand,the galvanized wire also can be made into other shape.For example,double loop tie wire,U type wire.These kinds of wire also can used for binding wire,tie wire etc.

Another very important application is handle wire for bucket.This kind of handle wire need high standard for the galvanized wire.Firstly,if clients want to use electro galvanized wire make handle,must use high bright surface and high hardness.If want to use hot dipped galvanized wire make handles,the hot dipped galvanized wire must has suitable tensile strength,high hardness.

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