nail making machine

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Fully automatic nail making machine
Nail point and nail cap will be finished at one time;
Nail length: 10-200mm;
nail diameter :  0.9-6.5mm 
Features of wire nail making machine:

1. This wire nail making machine can feed the materials automatically.
2. This wire nail making machine has the features of high speed, low noise, less impact.
3. All the main components are made of quality steel, such as shaft, cams and gear.
4. The nails made by the wire nail making machine will be straight, the point of the nails will be sharp and symmetrical, the nails cap will be round, every nail will be perfect.

Process line of wire nail making machine:
A)wire drawing machine ---to make the diameter of material to the diameter of the nails you want.
B) wire nail making machine --- to make nails
C)polishing machine --- to polish the nails finished

nail making machine

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