metal wire products

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metal wire products

Metal wire products

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Galvanized wire is one of kind in metal wire products.The perfect surface finished and widely use attractive lots of foreign clients and friends.The zin coating quantity can decide the galvanized wire is electro galvanized wire or hot dipped galvanized wire.For the electro galvanized wire,the zin coating quantity can get 7-12g.For the hot dipped galvanized wire,the zin coating wire even can get 270g.So different kind galvanized wire has different zin coating and different application.

Black wire also can include black annealed wire and common black wire.The black wire will be very soft when the black wire products are annealed.Soft black annealed wire can also used for binding in some industry.the wire diameter scope is the same as the galvanized wire.

Stainless steel wire products,for the wire diameter,generally situation is very little.For example,the diameter of stainless steel wire is only 0.15,0.028 etc.And the form of the stainless steel wire products is spool,not coil.

Loop tie wire and U type wire  products are other form for metal wire.Both of them can used for binding.They also can be made of galvanized wire or black wire.

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